At this point you are wondering “what shall I do”?  I find a lot of patients that have all the symptoms.

Tired, brain fog, depression, cold hands and feet, can’t lose weight, insomnia, puzzling symptoms that have not been diagnosed by your doctor.  Lots of lab work x-rays and a round robin of a few specialists, a collection of pills that are not helping, four or five bottles of the basic vitamins, minerals, fish oils and some other goodies.

I see a lot of these people…  Some estimate there are 50-million of them in the US.

All irritable intimidated “hypochondriacs”, is that you?

If you look at this, it is quite a mess.   It is enough to accept the “slur” known as a hypochondriac.  Take their pills and then “pull yourself together”.   Be patient and HOPE.

Finally at last……. there is a way out.

Take a look at your face and note your eyebrows.  Are they thin on the outer 1/3?  (Lots of my patients say no to that, then they admit that they pluck them to even them up)

Next ask someone near you about your hands and feet. Don’t feel them yourself… one cold hand cannot feel the other cold hand.  Ask your bed partner about your cold feet and your cold hands.  Now this is not a prerequisite but it helps.  Keep in mind that many low thyroid patients are uncomfortable in heat or cold extremes.  They hate the heat of the summer and the cold of the winter..

Review your bowel history…  Is constipation a problem? Better yet, do you have to take extra bulk and drink lots of water to stay regular?

This could be low thyroid.  So if it is the only symptom get some doctor help.  But if it is coupled with all of the above, it is starting to eliminate a lot of diagnosis and point to low thyroid..

For women only…  How have your periods been?  Are they always bad?  Unresponsive to estrogen, progesterone and birth control stabs in the dark?   Try this on.  Fix the thyroid levels and watch all of your other problems start to dissolve.  One of the root causes of all of this is de-mineralization. (The thyroid plays a big part in bone metabolism)

Now there is a raft of other signs too… Dry skin…  Thin brittle nails…  Pale skin…  Slow pulse… (In the neighborhood of 68 or so) mild, moderate or marked obesity…

This must be considered a project much like solving a crime.  You are looking at clues and you are trying to see if they lead to some help for you.  It is complex but so is getting worse.

Let’s take a look at getting some evidence.  You have run through some or the guide lines… now some more help.   You can order a saliva test for thyroid levels.  It is legal and I like the evidence they provide. Look up “Saliva Test” on the internet.

If you want to do a therapeutic trial to see the response and thus present that to your doctor, here are a few guidelines.  Give yourself a time period to see if you are getting better… say three to five weeks.  Get a good brand of iodine (Thyropak Iodine) put in water and take that according to the instructions on the bottle. Start with 6 mg a day.

A metallic taste is a signal you have taken too much Iodine. Cut the dose in half.  Now there are a few thyroid glandular’s that are sold over the counter and are approved by the FDA.

The one I like, if you are doing this on your own is called Thyropak.  Read the dosage levels and take the bulk of it around noon…  Start with one and add another… up to two at noon.

Give each dose a week to work.  If you start feeling better you are probably on to something.  The one warning…  It is unwise to overdose your self on thyroid…

I have given patients prescriptions for natural thyroid and demanded they follow their symptoms…  I also make it a MUST to follow their pulse.    If you are not on medicine to control your heart rate,    I ask my patients to stop the thyroid or reduce the dose if the pulse gets up to 88.     If this happens you need a pro to help you.

Interest a doctor familiar with natural thyroids as opposed to synthetic thyroid and enlist him.  This would be best to begin with.

Next, be sure you are on top grade multivitamins…   You should look for quality minerals…  At best they don’t absorb well…  For the most part they are eye candy on vitamin bottles.    Buy your minerals separate.  Don’t overlook the value of real sea salt.  These salts are pure and made from sea water…  They usually contain forty or more trace minerals.  Also get some good grade deep water fish oil…

Give all of this a chance to work over a month or a month and a half. .

Going In For a Thyroid Blood Test?

You have a right…  and you had better know if your doctor knows that the Thyroid blood test is very limited and has been shown to be wrong in diagnosing  twenty or more percent of low thyroid patents.   This was corrected in the year 2003 and is up for another consideration for adjusting the ranges of normal..   It seems the normal levels were too high to find a significant percentage of true thyroid patients.

Also know that a 24 hour urine test is available to show how much active thyroid your body made… remember look only for T3… this is the active one…  T4 IS NOT ACTIVE.  IT must be converted to active T3.

Many of you reading this do not convert your T4 to T3 for nutritional reasons.  You also don’t convert if you are under stress.   You also don’t know how the fluoride in your water has accumulated and reduced the whole production process.

You also don’t know how the chlorine in your water has replaced the iodine in your thyroid hormone… all of this is possible. It makes it quite a task to prove which is which. Many of my colleagues and I supplement active thyroid T3 and accompanying T4 from pork sources…

Then again the so-called science behind many drugs is in severe question.  With close attention to the pulse, jittery, fine tremor of the hands and a full pounding of the heart… THE DOSE MUST STOP and in my opinion, a practitioner with experience in natural thyroid replacement is best.

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