A Test For Low Thyroid Levels That You Can Do At Home

To get started let me ask you “when is a parachute most effective?”  Answer is “when it is open”  “When is a mind most effective?”  Same answer.  “When it is open”   I wonder if I can get you to open yours now?  Can you keep it open?

From the many blogs before this one I have shown how flawed the current testing is for Low thyroid levels is.  I have shown you the suffering you will go through if you don’t know how you are functioning as far as your thyroid.   I suggest you review if you need convincing.  Ok?  Ok.   Open your parachute.

There is a way to test your thyroid in your home.   It is free and easy.  You won’t need anyone to help you.  If you test low thyroid activity, you can decide what to do about it.  This test may not be well received by my MD and DO brothers, but then I feel worse about their Blood tests than about this one.  Why?  Because I have tried it, oh yes, Dr. Omura a faculty member at Columbia medical school teaches some of the principles of the test I am about to describe.  Google Dr. Omura and “O” ring testing and Resonance.  Need to look at his CV?  Well it is more than a half inch thick and includes international medical journals as well.  So you decide.

Before you do this, take one of your hands, squeeze together and “bunch up” all of your fingers including your thumb and hold it one inch above the belly button.  This will “reset” your body’s circuits and increase the sensitivity of your body to respond to the following test accurately.  Here it is.

Write the word shame on a 3×5 card and turn it down on the table.  Now write the word God on another card.  Turn it face down.  Write the word low thyroid on a card and turn it face down.  Write the word malaria on a card and turn it face down.  By now you should have 5 or 6 carts to “test with” Ok?   Now stand with your feet close together.   Pick up a card and place it at the base of your neck.  Close your eyes and see which way you lean, (Forward or backward) stay with me now.  Look at the card and see what it says.  If you chose the card “shame” and you leaned backward then you know that the word-card disrupts you.  If the word “God” made you lean forward, then something that is good and powerful will cause you to lean forward.  Now repeat the test by choosing a card and looking at it then placing it at the base of your neck.  Keep your feet close and close your eyes.  Be patient.  You should practice this for a few days.  (I think you will see the beauty of this later if you keep it up and enlarge your card numbers   of substances or products.  Or put a package of sugar at the base of your neck and see which way you lean.  Forward it should be ok for you, backward stay away.  )

Now for testing the conditions, this is where Dr Omura comes in.  (He does not use the standing test as far as I know but he did introduce the concept of resonance)   Now put the card with Malaria on it.  See which way you lean.  Be patient and honest.   If you were honest you fell forward.  On the surface you might interpret this as having malaria.  Don’ do it.  By the theory of resonance, if you fell back, you would have the disease.   Just believe it.  I too am not sure of the exact reason.  Now, put the card low thyroid function at the base of your neck and close your eyes.  Feet close together.  Do you sway back?   If you do it is another test that can help you evaluate your thyroid. Most likely you are low function thyroid.  There are blood tests for low thyroid.  There are other tests too.  I am trying to get you some help with your problems.  Hence the Body test.  Oh yes, don’t forget to do the morning temp tests too.

If the body temp is 97 F or lower for 10 days you have low thyroid function according to Dr Broda Barnes and his mountain of research concerning low thyroid function.  He found no agreement between the TSH and other blood tests concerning the body temp.

So is your mind still open?  Give it a try.  I have seen an Olympic weight lifter wither under this test.   Enough said.  OK?

Has it occurred to you to test the words “I need natural thyroid supplements?” and “I need more Iodine?”  And “I need Thyropak”.  Well let’s see?    I think you get it.   Follow our Videos on the use of Thyropak and iodine and other products for your health.  Do discuss this with a health practitioner who is familiar with its use.(The body sway test or kinesiology)   I think it unwise to ask a priest about meditation.  Or maybe not.

~Howard Hagglund MD