Low Thyroid Levels And Fluoride In Drinking Water Plus The CDC And ADA

In October of 2010, the journal of the American Dental Association warned of the feeding of children powdered baby formula and adding tap water to it.

Significant levels of denture damage are incurred by this practice. Other practices should be warned against.  Most have no idea how this relates to low thyroid levels.

They are fluoride treatment of teeth and use of fluoride enhanced tooth paste.  The condition that results is called fluorosis and leads to tooth destruction.   In May of 2010 the Center for Disease Control announced and confirmed the same conclusion.

This information alerts me to the total ignoring of the damage that fluoride does to thyroid function as it is accumulated in the body.  Research has shown the toxic nature of the Fluoride.  Also that, over 6 years a person can accumulate enough fluoride to reduce the activity of the thyroid gland.  Some have estimated up to 50%.  Would you like your body speed to be slowed by as much as 50%?   Would you like to be visited by fatigue, hair loss, obesity, dry skin, depression, chronic pain syndromes, elevated cholesterol, cardiac irregularities, mental fog and early senility?   Well all that and more is available from the fluoride in drinking water and in toothpaste turning down your thyroid.

So what has this to do with baby formula?

Actually it has quite a bit. What about fluoride in drinking water?  A lot.  The FDA reporting the damaging effects of Fluoride starts early and continues as long as you drink fluoride in your drinking water.

In the days before thyroid surgery and radioactive Iodine to kill an over-active thyroid,  you were admitted to a hospital and a “proper dose of fluoride” was given to you.  It was presented in a Dixie cup and you were watched very closely for 48 hours.  During that time many patients went through a thyroid storm.  Your heart raced, you sweated, your blood pressure went up and you went into extremes.  Many convulsed, all from killing your thyroid and being released into the blood stream.  So what is the point?  You get half that dose over 6 years of drinking tap water that is fluoridated.  No you don’t have a thyroid storm, but half of your thyroid is gone. You don’t know it and chances are slim to none that your doctor knows it.   So you get all of the above symptoms and it is all so unnecessary and a definite poisoning of all subjects that drink water from the city municipality. That stupid, sophomoric science has kept in place for over 50 years.   Well let’s take a look at the proof that this is so stupid and now reported dangerous by the FDA, the ADA and any one who is an alternative natural based practitioner (We have been screaming about this for over 30 years)

Why do we put Fluoride in drinking water?

To protect our teeth? That was the water municipal systems justification for adding it to their water supply.  Well not now.  It does just the opposite and we have the proof we need to stop this.  It destroys them by creating a brittle cracking and breaching of the enamel.  If Fluoride did prevent cavities, children who live in cities would have fewer cavities.  This is however not the case.

So here is the main fact that we have discovered about fluoride.  It will destroy thyroid function, cause low thyroid levels and turn you into docile sheep with multiple symptoms. The Germans did it to all prisoners during the Second World War as did Hitler.  Is this the reason for fluoride in drinking water today?  I don’t think so.  Nonetheless it is happening.  Some estimates about 12 years ago felt that there were at least 50 million people suffering from some degree of low thyroid levels.  (All by the accidental stupid quasi scientific reason for putting it there in the first place.)

Today almost all of the fluoride comes from a by-product of the fertilizer industry.   Think of what it would cost for them to dispose of it properly …  if they could.  So how did this all get started?

Do We Have Proof That This Causes Low Thyroid Levels?

It takes freedom of information action to get the proof.  Yet it has been done.  When we were making enriched uranium for bombs a waste product was a fluoride compound.  So a meeting found a suggestion that it be put in the water of a small town in New York State.  Fluoride was the noted cause of hard teeth that had white spots in them.  They seemed to resist decay.  So there was the original reason…”save the teeth of the town”.  Sounded like a good idea at the time. So they did it for 2 years in secret and found that the number of cavities went down.  This smashing success was reported and everyone lined up to put fluoride in the water.  So where was the huge mistake?   Besides the accumulative dosing of Fluoride,  no one went to the trouble of looking at a similar town near by without fluoride in the water.  This would be called a controlled study. Although that is what is supposed to happen, it didn’t for this.  Politics got in the way of science.  So when they did look at the dental records of a similar town they found that the amount of cavities were going down there too.  Little did they know how low thyroid levels were going down as well.


Poor study, poor conclusions and 40 plus years of poisoning the citizens of the world.  “But wait, there is more”.   I am told that senior law students are suing small and large towns all over the US.  They always win their cases and they get excellent experience in how to do a law suite.  Here’s an idea, search online for some facts on fluoride and go down to see your city attorney.  Have him take a look and see if they won’t tell you how to get it done quietly and efficiently.  Do the world a big favor.  Don’t be surprised who shows up to defend it.  The truth is more on your side than ever.

Okay so back to your own needs; look for the source for filters to take the fluoride out.  Use non-fluoride toothpaste.   Getting the fluoride out of your body is imperative if you want to treat your low thyroid levels. Look at it as though your happiness and well being depends on it.

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Howard Hagglund MD

Low Thyroid Levels: Weight Loss And What You Need To Know

This subject brings a lot of patients to my office.  More often than not people who have low thyroid levels and are struggling with weight loss are looking for a quick fix.   Better yet, they want to know why they have been working so hard to lose weight and nothing happened.

Some of them have been dismissed from other practices “for not trying hard enough.”  When I listened to these people’s history, so many of them have been athletic women, dancers.  Also they were very active and aggressive athletes in their younger life. This is how I knew most of them were telling the truth.  If you have been a competitive athlete, then you know what self sacrifice is to gain a goal.   I was sure they had worked very hard and lost very little.

I took a look at their eyebrows.  If they were missing the outer 1/3 of the brow or it was thin, that is a major clue.  Dry skin, cool hands and feet, puffiness about the face and a swelling about the ankles that would not dent very much.  This means low thyroid levels.  Test it if you like,  if the blood test comes back normal, well that  means very little.   Now you can go to the drug store and ask for the best skin-test-thermometer.  It is called Geriderm.  Most drugstores have them.  Take your morning temp in the first 3 minutes that you are up.  If it is 97 or below, you must follow on to my videos and other articles about low thyroid levels.   Do consult your physician for his following you and monitoring your progress.  The thyroid supplement we offer is across the counter thyroid.   The Iodine is detoxified.  Most important is the protocol for starting and adjusting your dose while losing weight with low thyroid levels.

If you don’t fire up your thyroid here is what happens.  You don’t lose weight.  How can you burn the fat?  The thyroid is in control of the burn rate.  This is a large part of why you are overweight,  and why you can work very hard and still not lose anything at all.  Next, when you semi-starve, your will thyroid slow down in an effort to keep you from dying.  Now you are in double trouble.

It is important to add the iodine we offer too.  The protocol helps you start and adjust the dose.  That puts you in the same boat, probably, due to the lack of Iodine in our diet.   Oh yes, the Iodine in the salt, forget it.  It is just enough to keep you from getting a goiter.  You have to eat a lot of sea vegetables.  The Japanese do.   I lived there 2 years as a Navy doctor.  We don’t come close to eating the diet they do.  “Not many fat Japanese then”

To conclude:  It is near impossible to lose weight and keep it off if you suffer from low thyroid levels.  Losing weight, Forget it. You need to follow my protocol to heal yourself so you can lose weight and feel better again.

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Hypothyroidism Treatment and Double Blind Lab Studies

As  you learn from going to most seminars and visiting mentors, there are secrets that give you a leg up and are a product of someone who has to have made a living treating this or that. Hypothyroidism Treatment undoubtedly proves to be the same.

Most of these tips I like to respect and apply if they are reasonable.  They keep me from wasting time in getting to more successful therapies.   Your patients get better or do better faster.  The tip is experience based medicine.  If we find a mentor that is bad, word spreads fast.   If you find one that is good teacher you respect and co-share secrets.  And so we all win.

Now comes the research part.  If it doesn’t come from research it is no good to the community who does not practice in the field.   This is true in the field of hypothyroidism treatment care.  Here are the flaws of the double blind study technique.  The implications will blow your mind.

The patients researched must be purely that with the disease.  In view of the huge mineral, vitamin and nutritional deficiencies and all their hidden symptoms and system clogging natures, how can you find these pure patients?  How and who can do “good” research?  Then consider the subject of placebo effect.   I will tell you that most so called studies are not true double blind studies with control for placebo.  It is very important.  When you are given the fake pill for the disease and or the real one, no one knows.  Then at the end of the study everyone gets to find out who got what.  Then the results are trumpeted and all change their therapies based on this “good” research.

“Well now” says the lady “Isn’t that special?”

So let’s look closer.  Did anyone who got well on the fake pill ask what the patient thought during the taking of it?  They must have felt it was the real thing because they got well (the dirty unscientific cheaters).   Now here is the big one.  Did anyone ask the people who were taking the real pill if they felt they were getting the real thing?  NO.  Yet their getting well was because of their belief and probably not the pill.  This makes the result of the study and all double blind gold- standard- pill- studies VERY VERY SUSPECT.

To say it another way the belief of the patient is seldom measured.  It is inferred in the ones that got well and were not taking the real thing.  The belief contributes positive results to the positive patients that got well on the real thing.  Point is the good out-come is NOT TRUE.  It is flawed.   The study is not accurate and its findings should not be used to treat live patients..

Now back to the experienced- based information.  Still discount it?  Still feel it is suspect?  Should we throw it out because it was not done by a big research grant?  I think not.

You See, we all went to medical school.  Then we got out.  Most doctors won’t tell you that what the found was they didn’t get much that worked well from their schooling.  The guys in practice know.   Isn’t it that way in Law School?  I think so.   I can now report that the animal base thyroid works better based on my experience added to the experience of my practice base mentors.

To help you in a possible skirmish with your doctor, have a read in the New England Journal in 1992 and 1999 for studies that fully back up what I am saying.  The patients feel better and do better on animal base thyroid or on thyroid that furnishes T3 and T4.  The editorial in the 1999 article stated that they were not recommending change, that those on synthetic thyroid were perfectly happy.  I DOUBT THAT VERY, VERY MUCH.   Who and how their happy patients were measured.  How many of them were going to other doctors that were unnecessary?  How many were on anti depression meds that would have not needed them if on good animal base thyroid?  Their assertion is just that.  It is only a feeling and quite suspect given that. The New England Journal has such a fine reputation and editorials are just that.  But I submit to you that I don’t believe it.

Many of the patients I saw felt much better after being switched to animal base thyroid.   Do I have tests and studies?  No.  I am treating the public and they do not want to be experimented on.  They want the best I know and no more fuss.  Lets see you skeptics, where and how would you design a study that tells the golden truth in light of what I have said above?  Call me. Write me.  Let’s get on with it.  The patients are so in need of good hypothyroid treatment.   Take a look at my other blogs and videos and learn more.  To Learn my thyroid protocol click here

~Howard Hagglund MD

Learn The Truth About Low Thyroid

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